Residents are the heart of your site, so it makes sense to onboard as many as possible to the system. There are four main ways for residents to create an account and become a part of your site.

Signup using a site code

Residents can signup by downloading your resident application on their mobile device, or through the online portal. The way residents connect to your site is through a special site code. They'll need this code during the registration process.

Where can I find my site's code?

Your site's code is located at the top-right corner of the admin console, under the name of your site.

It's important to know your site's code, so if residents ever ask for help you can quickly provide them with the code.

How will my residents know?

Your company administration will provide your site with a resident download flyer that contains all the information required for your residents to signup - include the site code.

We recommend distributing this flyer to all new residents in their welcome pack and placing it in common areas such as the foyer, concierge desk and noticeboards.

How do I approve residents?

If you've enabled account approval, you'll need to approve all new signups before they can access your site. To do this:

  1. Navigate to User Management

  2. Click on the Pending tab

  3. Under the Account Approved? column, click the red cross

  4. Select Approve

Your resident will then be sent an email notifying them their account is approved, and they can now login to the application.

Manual creation

As an admin, you can manually create users from within the admin portal. You can learn about creating a new user manually in this article.

CSV import

If you already have a list of residents in your site with their details such as name, email and phone number, you can import them using a CSV file. Learn more about that here.

Trust accounting integration

If you're a company admin and have access to the company dashboard, you can import users from your trust accounting software. If you don't have access to that feature, please contact your company admins.


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