If you have a list of building users, you can easily import them into the system using the CSV import method.

Preparing the Data

To begin with, you must format the list of users so the system can read the data correctly.

1. Navigate to Users > User Management

2. Select Import Users

3. Select Download Example CSV

4. Ensure your data headings match the downloaded example.

  • It's best to use a program such as Excel or Google Sheets to make changes to your data.

  • For example, you may need to change "email" to "Primary Email" or "Phone Number" to "Mobile Phone"

  • Ensure the required fields are included (First Name, Last Name, Unit / Apartment Number, Primary Email, User Type, Mobile Phone). Other fields can be left blank, but the headings still need to be present in the document. For example:

5. Export your data as a CSV format

Importing Data

Note: It's important your data is formatted correctly. Please follow the above steps, or get in touch with our support team for guidance (simply use the in-app messenger).

  1. Navigate to Users > User Management

  2. Select Import Users

  3. Click Select File

  4. Choose your CSV formatted file containing the users

  5. Click Upload

Processing Data

The system will then process the data and notify you when the users are imported.

You will also be notified if any users are already existing in the system, or if there were any issues with the data.


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