The notification settings page is used to specify which email addresses receive notifications in relation to the admin portal.

Important things to note

  • These notifications do not include alerts and notices created in the system. They are designed for admins, site management and committee members.

  • You can add any email address to get notifications. They do not need to be users or admins of your site.

  • To receive notifications yourself, you'll need to add your own email even if you're already an admin.

Different types of notifications

  • New user signups

  • Maintenance reports

  • After-hours maintenance reports

  • SMS quotas reached

  • Resident profile updates

  • New CommitteeHub topics created

  • A CommitteeHub daily comments summary

  • Club requests


  • Booking requests


  • Custom requests

Adding emails to different notifications

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications

  2. Click Edit Settings

  3. Click Add Email

  4. Select which notifications you want the email to receive using the checkboxes

  5. Save your changes


Follow these steps to receive notification for new venue bookings. Please note this will mean you need to approve each new venue booking.

  1. Navigate to Concierge > Manage venues

  2. On the desired venue, click more (three dots) > View/edit

  3. Click Authorization

  4. Toggle Approval is Required?

  5. Input the email you wish the notification to be sent to

  6. Save your changes


Follow these steps to receive emails for new custom requests from residents. This is useful for ensuring you never miss a new request and means you won't need to check the submitted requests tab often.

  1. Navigate to Requests > Manage templates

  2. Click more (three dots) > View/edit

  3. Under the Request Contact, input the desired email

  4. Save your changes


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