Through the venues section, you can create a complete bookings system for all your site related amenities. In addition, we also suggest you create a move-in / move-out "venue" for residents to book the lifts.

Create a new venue

  1. Go to Concierge > Venues > Manage Venues

  2. Click Add Venues.

  3. This can be found in the top right corner.

  4. Input information

  5. This includes any descriptions, time settings and authorisations.

  6. During this stage, you'll see a preview of how the venue will look.

  7. Save your changes

How can I be notified of new bookings?

When creating a new venue, under the Authorizations tab turn on Approval is required. The email you enter will then be sent a notification every time someone books that venue.

What if the venue doesn't require bookings?

In the venue settings under the Authorization tab, you can select Are bookings disabled? When selected, you'll be able to provide a reason and end date (if needed). This will mean your venue is still displayed on the resident's app, but they won't be able to book the venue.

Can I let multiple people book the venue at once?

Currently, this is not an available feature. There are a few workarounds that could allow multiple residents to book a single facility:

  • Create multiple venues. For example, you could have BBQ area one and BBQ area two

  • Make the booking as an admin. From the admin console, you have the ability to override bookings.

Show individual bookings


Clicking the show bookings button on a venue will take you to the Manage Bookings tab. Further to this, it will automatically filter the bookings by the venue you chose on the previous page.

Create individual bookings


Clicking this button will again take you to the Manage Bookings page and create a new booking. The venue section will be pre-filled with the venue you chose.

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