Bookings is an overview of the reservations places on all your sites facilities. In this article we'll explore:

  • making a manual booking

  • viewing bookings

  • managing users bookings

Making a manual booking

Sometimes you may wish to manually create a booking on behalf of a user, for example at the front desk.

  1. Go to Concierge > Venues > Manage Bookings

  2. Click Add Booking

  3. This can be found at the top right of the page

  4. Fill out the required information

  5. Enter the desired venue to be booked, the user and the start time/ end time on the specified date.

  6. Other options include:

  7. - Mark as Complete - used to show that the booking has taken place

  8. - Confirmed by Resident - shows that the resident is aware of the manual booking

  9. - Send a Reminder - will deliver an SMS to the user 1 hour before the booking takes place

  10. Click Save Booking

  11. This will save the booking in the system and make it viewable to all residents and users of the platform.

Important note

When making a manual booking as an admin, you have the ability to override the default settings of the venue. For example, you can book outside of the required times or even double book. Please be sure your booking doesn't clash with one already made on the system.

Viewing bookings

You can view all your bookings from the Manage Bookings page by looking through either the calendar or list.


To refine your search, there are filters that can be applied:

  • Filter by Venue - allows you to choose which venue booking to see

  • Filter by Time - allows you to see bookings between a certain date range. There are quick preset options which show the past weeks or months.

List View

Using the list view allows you to sort your results by accending/descending/alphabetical order by clicking the headings at the top of the table.

Using the choose columns option in the top right corner gives you the option to view or make invisible some variables.

Managing users bookings

As an admin, you can view and make changes to any bookings made by residents:

  1. Through either the calendar or list view, click on a booking or the view/edit button

  2. Make any changes necessary

  3. This is done the same way as manually making a booking.

  4. Approve/decline the booking

  5. Under the Booking Actions, you can approve, decline or delete the booking. When you select one of these options, the user associated with the booking will be notified through their mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

I'm having trouble booking for a certain apartment number

The issue could be that the apartment number contains a space at the end, resulting in the apartment number being invalid. Please remove the space from the apartment number field and save the profile, this will allow you to create a booking for the user.

How can I block out a certain time?

If you need to block out a particular time so residents can't book, you can either:

  • Edit the venue time settings (good for ongoing restrictions)

  • Make a manual booking yourself (good for a once-off occasion)

  • Disable bookings for that venue completely (yet still display the venue)

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