This article will help explain how site codes work and help address common questions when registering on the resident console.

Where can I find my site code?

Your site code is located on the download information flyer distributed by your site management. This could include the default flyer (see below) or a custom document from your site management.

Resident download flyer

Digital Noticeboard

If your site has a Digital Notice Board, the site code will most likely be located on the top-right area inside the how-to-download post.


Why do I need a site code?

The side code is used to link your account to your building. This ensures you receive all the relevant updates and are able to access the specific features of your site.

What if I can't find a site code?

For security reasons, you must contact your site management directly to find your code. We cannot freely give out site codes without proof that you reside in your site/building.

My Site Code Isn't Working

Please note that site codes are:

  • Case Sensitive

  • Will not work with an extra space at the end

Once you input the site code exactly how it's presented on the flyer, your site will automatically be shown from a dropdown and you can continue to the next step.

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