The site code is used during the sign-up process for residents to register for the correct site. You can see a site's code on the company dashboard by navigating to Manage > Sites and looking under the "Site code" collum.

Learn more about the reside signup process in this article.

How can I change a site code?

  1. From the Company Dashboard, navigate to Manage > Sites

  2. Click the three dots next to a site

  3. Select Change Site Code

  4. Enter the new site code, or generate a random site code (recommended)

Important things to note

  • If you decide to change the site code, the old site code will no longer work. This means you will need to change any existing resident download flyers or documents.

  • Site codes are case sensitive

  • Longer site codes, or those with difficult characters, will usually cause problems during signup. This can result in a large number of support requests.

Can I change back to an old site code?

Yes, simply follow the steps above and input the old code.

Can we use more than one site code?


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