Setup Stripe Payments at the Site Level

To setup payments with Stripe at the individual site level first login to the ResVu system and go to Settings > Payment Settings > Click Create Payment Account link

Note: This can also be done at the Company level, speak to your super Admins if you are unsure if this has already been setup or if you want them to set it up for you.

Copy that URL and complete the details on Stripes website to setup integration, below are a couple of screenshots of what it looks like

Using Stripe Payments

Then when complete you are able to use the account ID for payments.

For Example, if a venue has a cost to the booking, you can set up the Account ID in the Payments. The Resident will get a Credit Card form to complete.

To setup the Payments for a Venue, go to Concierge > Manage venues > Select the venue > Select Payments > Add in the account id and payment amount.

When the resident makes a booking they will see this.

then when they click submit they will need to enter their credit card details

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