When a resident creates a Builders defect request through the mobile app or building portal, it will appear in the Builders defect section.

There is no difference between Maintenance Requests and Builders defects when it comes to functionality in the system, Builders defects are used when a new site is being built and residents are entering the site. The System keeps defects separate to maintenance for ease of managing.

This article will explore:

Viewing Builders Defects

1. Navigate to Requests > Builders Defects

2. Search or sort using the table. A common sort may be from the date (newest to oldest). This can be done by clicking the Date Logged button.

Managing Builders Defects

Once a builders defects is lodged, you're able to update its progress and keep track of the actions taking place to fix the issue.

Update the status

When a user submits a request, it will appear in the Builders Defects table with the New tag. To edit the status, click the pencil icon and select the new status.

Keep the resident up-to-date

If you wish to keep the associated users informed of the status, you can choose to send an SMS or email. This option can be found when:

  • Automatically changing the status will give you the option to notify the user

  • Selecting the more options button (three dots) and clicking SMS user or Email user

Edit the Builders Defect

If there is any information that needs adding or changing, you can do so by clicking the view/edit icon.

Create a PDF

You can generate a PDF document of the Builders defect, or multiple defects by using the checkbox selection and clicking View PDF from the blue dropdown.

Creating a Builders Defect

You can manually create a Builders Defect for other admins or yourself to view on the system.

  1. Click Create Request

  2. Fill out the request information

  3. By assigning a user to the request, they will be notified of the request and any subsequent changes.

  4. Click Create Request

  5. If a user was associated with the request, they will be notified.

Note: Assigning Builders Defects to admins as of 2.61.0
You can now select admins users when assigning builders defects. Simply click the edit icon, select your assignee, and then be sure to save your changes. There's also a new filter that will allow you to see maintenance items by the assignee.

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