What does this feature do?

Rather than manually assigning your account-level contractors to all sites each time you add a new contractor (or import contractors), this feature enables you to automatically provide access to these contractors at a site level.

When enabled, a new Account tab will be displayed on each site's contractor page, and users will be able to select from the account contractors list when generating items like work orders and quote requests.

You can think of this feature as a "portal" or "tunnel" into the account contractors list for each site. Users can view and use these contractors, but not edit or delete them - thus ensuring data integrity and compliance across all your sites.

Enabling account level contractor access

  1. Navigate to the Account Dashboard > Global Settings > Contractor

  2. Click Edit

  3. Toggle Allow Account Level Contractors Access? on

  4. Click Save

What happens now?

  • A new account tab will be displayed in the contractors page.

  • Admins can select from these contractors when generating items such as work orders or quote requests.

  • Admins won't be able to edit or remove any of the account level contractors

Disabling site-level contractors

In order to maintain data integrity and contractor compliance, you can optionally disable the ability to create, edit, delete, and use site level contractors.

  1. Navigate to the Account Dashboard > Global Settings > Contractor

  2. Click Edit

  3. Toggle Allow Site Level Contractors Access? Off

  4. Click Save

What happens now?

  • The site level contractors tab disappears

  • Users can only select from the account level contractors

  • Users cannot create, edit, or delete their own contractors at a site level

Frequently asked questions

If I disable site-level contractors, will they be deleted?

No, when you disable the site-level contractors, we simply hide this list and don't allow users to select from this list when choosing a contractor. If you toggle enable site-level contractors again, the exact same list will appear as before for each site - so no data is lost.

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