New features

  • Global contractor management
    We've made some significant improvements in the way global contractors are managed with the new options under Global App Settings. You can now allow or disallow site-level contractors, meaning the only contractors your building managers can use are those uploaded in the company dashboard. You can learn more about this feature here.

  • Support widget
    We have now added the support widget found in the Admin Console to FMLink. This means you can easily reference the help centre articles and contact our support team.


  • Importing maintenance items
    You can now add a type, status and priority tags to maintenance items when importing them via CSV. If the tag exists in your tag list, we'll automatically attach it to the item - otherwise we'll add a blank tag so you can edit the item at a later date.

  • More context around work order email recipients
    We've changed the labels on the cc emails so you know exactly who's getting a work order email.

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