New features

  • Portfolio view
    Replacing the site selector dropdown is a new button that opens a consolidated view of all your assigned sites. Here, you can search for a site using the name, scheme number, or address - plus view the total open and new requests along with pending users. Simply sort the table by each field to see which of your sites have outstanding items that require action. Learn more here.


  • Admin teams bulk unassign
    You now have the option to unassign multiple admins from multiple sites at once. This will completely remove the user from the site for easy management of your staff.

  • Select from all admins when creating a global site contact
    When using the bulk site contact feature in account management, previously you could only select from Company Admins when importing an existing user. Now you can select from any admin under your account.

  • Bulk site image history
    You can now see a history of the bulk site images you've applied to your sites. This will be useful for seeing when a setting has been applied to all future sites. Note: In order to override an existing setting, you can simply create a new bulk site setting.

  • New requests status
    When changing the status of a maintenance item or builders defect, you can now manually select a work order related status.

  • Due time for tasks
    You can now set a due time when creating a task. This means the time is also displayed on the calendar.

  • Calendar Improvements
    For bookings and events, we're now displaying the Start Date & Time, and for other items, we're using a more generic Date & Time label.

Bug fixes

  • Time of booking on approval email
    We recently updated the approval email and incorrectly used the Date Created as the booking date. This has now been corrected to show the date of the booking instead.

  • Bulk settings by division/folio
    The structure of some data being imported from PIQ for the folio division was causing an error when trying to apply a bulk settings update. We've not fixed this.

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