New features

  • Site divisions
    For sites that have been imported via StrataMax or PIQ, we're now recording the division and folio field. This means you can filter all your sites by searching for a division in the tables, or select a division when applying bulk updates. Learn more here.

  • Flag users to prevent sending an invite email
    Some users have expressed that they don't intend to use the platform. In order to stop spamming your residents, you can now flag these users which will prevent sending further invite reminder emails.


  • Removed previously imported sites when fetching sites
    Previously, the StrataMax and PIQ displayed sites in the fetch sites table even if they were imported. This sometimes leads to confusion, so we've removed any sites from showing in this table if they have already been imported. Instead, you can find them below in the previously imported sites table.

Bug fixes

  • Template thumbnail not being updated
    The thumbnail was sometimes not being updated when editing a notice, newsletter, or procedure. We've now made sure this won't be happening any longer.

  • Use details not showing on bookings chip
    When clicking on the user chip to see more details about who made a booking, only the email was showing. We are now passing through all the relevant user data.

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