New features

  • Export selected maintenance items
    Previously the only way to export maintenance items was by exporting all items in a table. You can now export a select number of items using the checkboxes and bulk actions dropdown.


  • Control Custom ID field in Account Management
    Under the new Global Settings page, you can now choose if the Custom ID field is editable for Maintenance Items, Quote Requests, and Work Orders.

Bug fixes

  • Maintenance item created when raising a work order
    We briefly introduced a bug where a maintenance item was also being created when raising a work order from a resident request. This has now been fixed, so only a word order is created.

  • Scheme number issues
    In our previous update, we accidentally added a new scheme number field that was used when importing sites from the admin console. This caused a few issues around searching for sites, however, we've now consolidated things back into the single original field.

  • Created by field displaying User ID
    When creating a maintenance item from the FMLink inspector app or a resident request, the Created by field was displaying the admin users ID. It now displays their email.

  • Assigning admins to a site more than once
    There was a small number of cases where a user could be assigned to a site more than once, meaning there were duplicate entries in their site selector.

  • Maintenance item Type is Object Object in exports
    When exporting maintenance items, the type field was displayed as Object Object. We've now fixed this to display the type name instead.

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