New features

  • Assigning maintenance requests to admins
    You can now select admins users when assigning maintenance requests. Simply click the edit icon, select your assignee, and then be sure to save your changes. There's also a new filter that will allow you to see maintenance items by the assignee.

  • Site template
    This new feature will allow you to set up site templates to apply for existing or new sites. It will allow company admins to set up all the bulk site features and settings in one single template. Please note this template currently can only be applied when manually creating a new site. The existing Bulk Site Updates can still be used when needing to apply settings to future imported sites.

  • Bulk site images
    Under Company Dashboard > Manage > Bulk Site Updates, you can now bulk apply a site image to selected, all, and future sites in your account. This feature has also been included in the new site template mentioned above and will be a significant time-saver when importing hundreds of sites.

  • Global correspondence templates
    You can now distribute correspondence templates (Notices, Newsletters, Policies, and Procedures) in the company dashboard for selected or all sites. This functionality works the same way as other bulk site updates and ensures your company branding can be used across your entire portfolio with ease. Please note, this feature won't override any existing templates currently on a site.


  • Committee Representative in Document Import (PIQ)
    When importing documents from PIQ, Committee Representative (CR) is now a user type you can set in the Visible By field. When selected, only users with the Committee Representative (CR) tag will be able to see the documents.

  • EULA added to User Invite and Set Password form

  • Tasks on site calendar
    Customers have been asking to add their own items manually to a site calendar. Now, any task you create (from the task section in the side menu) will be added to the calendar, referencing the due date.

Bug fixes

  • Maintenance statistics referencing incorrect status
    The actioned maintenance request statistics were only counting items that were marked as closed. The statistics now count an actioned item as anything with a status of In Progress, Completed, or Declined. Un-actioned items are those with a status of None or New.

  • Maintenance request status history
    We've fixed a bug where changing the status when editing maintenance requests didn't show on the Communication History > Status History timeline.

  • Allow empty link field in Useful Links
    In release 2.60.0, we added functionality that forced HTTPS for links, which meant users couldn't save a useful link if it didn't contain a link. We've now returned the functionality to save an item if it doesn't contain anything in the link field.

  • Resident deleted Community Wall item disappearing
    Previously if a resident deleted an item from the app or building portal, it was also being removed from the admin console. Now, it's only removed from the resident view and remains on the admin console for record-keeping.

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