A Site Newsletter contains noteworthy information, especially about recent events about the Site that is useful for the Residents to be aware of.

There are several sections when creating a Newsletter

  1. Template

  2. Message

  3. Audience

  4. Visibility

  5. Notifications

  6. Done!

How to create a Newsletter

To Create a Newsletter from Scratch, login to the Admin Console and go to Communicate > Newsletter > Click Create Newsletter

To Create a Newsletter from a PDF that already exists, login to the Admin Console and go to Communicate > Newsletter > Click Upload Newsletter then go through the same steps as below except instead of Template it is Upload.


Select a Template and then click Next

You can create a reusable template by going to Communicate > Templates > Edit Templates


Input the heading and message for the Newsletter. You're able to see a preview of the Newsletter on the right side of the page which will help with formatting your Newsletter.

Once the information has been entered, click Next


Here you can decide who gets sent the Newsletter by either user types or user groups. For example, if the Newsletter only affects a certain level or area of the building, you can choose to only send it to those residents.

Once the target audience has been selected, click Next


At this stage, you can also choose to display the Newsletter on your Digital Noticeboards, and if the Newsletter is important, you can choose to have it permanently displayed for 5 days.

Once the visibility has been determined, click Next


Select the date you want your Newsletter to appear and disappear. You also need to select the time of day you want your users to receive the Newsletter .

Notification Type can be chosen if you want users to receive the Newsletter by other means, such as SMS, Push Notification and email. By default, your Newsletter will just be displayed on the resident application if no notification is selected.

Further to this, you may choose to include an additional notification either before or during the Newsletter is released.


Once you're happy with the Newsletter, Click Submit Newsletter

  • Submit Newsletter will send the Newsletter off to the selected users or schedule it to be sent at the specified time and date.

Viewing old Newsletters

Using the tab at the top of the page, you can view Newsletters that are no longer active.

  • Archived Newsletters have expired from their scheduled date and are no longer displayed on the resident application or digital noticeboards.

  • Deleted Newsletters have been manually deleted by an admin.

What happens to expired Newsletters?

Expired or archived Newsletters stay on the system for 1 week. After that week it'll be removed from the residents portal. Alternatively, you can manually remove the Newsletter by deleting it - simply click the three dots and select Delete.

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