New features

  • Bulk assign admin teams to multiple sites
    The "Admin Teams" section in account management now contains more functionality. After setting up a team with existing admins, you can bulk select which sites you'd like to add them to as admins. We're looking to expand on this functionality in the future, but for now, this will be useful when needing to set up a large number of sites.

  • Committee groups for StrataMax Import
    When importing users from the StrataMax integration, you can now choose to make committee members admins of the site and place them in a default group with permissions. You can set this up inside the API configuration page.

  • Ability to rename a site
    A highly requested feature, you can now change the name of a site from account management. Go to Manage > Sites > Three Dots > Rename Site and enter the new desired name.


  • Custom email signature for sites
    When inside a site, you can now change the text of the default site email signature. Simply go to Settings > Email Settings and click "edit"

  • Warning message when making a booking
    If an admin makes a booking on behalf of a user, and that user doesn't have any data in the apartment number field, the booking won't be made. Previously there was no warning message, but now the system will tell you and won't let the booking submit if this happens.

Bug fixes

  • Order of Site Activities on noticeboards
    If you change the order of site activities in the admin console, this new order will now be reflected on the noticeboard.

  • Forcing HTTPS in useful links
    If a non-secure version of HTTP is added as a useful link, the system will now change this to HTTPS to make sure your residents browse the web securely.

  • Company dashboard user table
    There were a few reported issues of users' names and mobile numbers not showing in the company dashboard or inside a site. Rest assured this data was never lost, and we've now ensured everything is flowing through as expected.

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