Device password – for security reasons all screens have a unique password for access. The password will be sent with the screen – if you can’t locate or lose the password, please contact ResVu Support (details below).

Menu Bar – all displays will be delivered with the menu bar visible across the base of the screen – the menu bar will allow you to access settings and connect to Wi-Fi.

Once connected – whether utilising Wi-Fi or ethernet cable for data, please advise ResVu once the screen is live and we will disable the menu bar so the device settings can’t be tampered with and ResVu Software IP is protected.

Display Layout – once connected you can change the layout of the display from your account admin console. There are several different layouts to choose from ‘Concierge > Noticeboards > Settings > View Mode > Select > Save’

Please note, if you are planning on taking a screen off site, e.g. to an industry event, ResVu will need to enable the menu bar again so you can connect to another Wi-Fi network if ethernet cable connection isn’t available.

Once you have returned the screen to your office, please advise ResVu and we will disable the menu bar.

Connecting to internet:

  1. Wi-Fi Connection

    1. ‘Menu Bar > Home > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Connect to preferred network’

  2. Ethernet Cable Connection

    1. Plug an ethernet cable into the rear of the screen and the device will automatically connect to your network.

Digital Hardware Support:

  1. Online Help Centre/FAQs:

  2. Admin support chat – located in your account admin console. Please provide a description of the issue you are experiencing an a photo of the screen.

  3. Email: - Please provide a description of the issue you are experiencing an a photo of the screen.

  4. Please provide your contact phone number with support requests so a ResVu team member can call to assist if necessary.

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