When bringing Contractors into FM Link, there are two options available:

  1. Bulk importing Contractors using CSV

  2. Creating Contractors using the Add Contractors button

There are 3 steps when using the Bulk import Contractors using a CSV:

  1. Download CSV

  2. Populate CSV with Data

  3. Import CSV into FM Link

There are 3 sections when Creating a Contractor using the Add Contractor button:

  1. Details

  2. Contacts

  3. Contracts

This article will go through what each section looks like and explain which fields require lists to be populated and their location.

Bulk importing Contractors using CSV

Download CSV

To Download the CSV for Contractors go to Users > Contractors > Click Import Contractor > Click Download Example CSV

Populate CSV

Once the CSV has been downloaded, begin populate the CSV with the appropriate information.

Import CSV

to import the csv go to Registers > Asset register > Click Import Assets > Click Select File > Select file > Click Upload

A popup will appear of fields that will be created when the assets are created. Click Import when you are satisfied that the fields that will be created are also correct.

The assets will now appear in the asset list.

Create a Contractor using + Add Contractor

"Company Name" is the only Mandatory field, the rest of the Fields/Tabs are additional information that allow easier searching and filtering, Save Changes can be clicked at anytime for the Contractor to be created.

To create a Contractor, go to FM Link > Users > Contractors > + Add Contractors


"Company Name" is the only Mandatory field.

"Add Tags to Contractor" can be created in Sites > Tag List Editor > Contractor Classifications

Once the information has been entered click Next Tab.


"Name" and "Email" are the only mandatory fields when adding a Contact.

Once filled out click Save then Click Next Tab


Any documents that need to be attached to the Contractor can be stored here.

Once documents have been uploaded, click Save Changes

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