Scheduled Maintenance allows building Maintenance to be setup in FM Link to enable all Building Maintenance to be easily managed and tracked.

There are two sections when creating Scheduled Maintenance:

  1. Details

  2. Links

Creating Scheduled Maintenance

To Schedule in Maintenance go to Registers > Scheduled Maintenance > Click Add Scheduled Maintenance


Fill in the Details of the Maintenance.

Reminders can be setup to send automatic communications to specific recipients from the import lists available.


If the Maintenance requires additional information or external parties complete the maintenance, this can be assigned in links.

To create a "Contractor" tag click the + Add Contractor button or go to Users > Contractors > Click + Add Contractor.

To create a "Asset" tag click the + Add Asset button or go to Registers > Asset Register

To create a "Location" tag click the + Add location button or go to Site > Tag List Editor > Site Locations

Once the Scheduled Maintenance has been saved, it will appear in the Scheduled Maintenance list located in Registers > Scheduled Maintenance.

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