Access keys are used to manage and track the Keys used to enter the building, this can be for both Key Cards and Keys.

Access Keys will need to be created for each key. For example if there are 30 Swipe cards for the Carpark, 30 Access keys will need to be created, 1 for each Swipe Card. Not 1 Access Key with 30 copies.

There are a couple of things that can be done to manage Access Keys:

  1. Create an Access Key

  2. Assign Access Key

  3. Return Access Key

Create an Access Key

To create an Access Key in FM Link go to Registers > Access Key > Click + Add Access Key


Once the Access Key has been created, fill out the information about the Access Key.

"Access ID", "Assigned to Collect" and "Notes" are all text fields.

"Location" tags can be created in Site > Tag List Editor > Site Locations

"Access Type" has a pre-populated list but custom types can be added in Site > Tag List Editor > Access Key Types

Assign Access Key

When an access key has been created, it can be signed out to someone in the building, whether that is a Resident, Staff or Contractor.

To Assign an Access Key, go to Register > Access Key > Click 3 Dots > Click Sign out Key.

Who are you assigning this key to will populate with users that exist within FM Link or the Admin Portal that it is linked to. Other can be used for anyone that doesn't exist in the sytem.

The user can sign for the access key. If you are using a digital concierge screen this can appear on that screen for the user to sign.

The Access Key will now appear as signed out.

Return Access Key

Once the Access key has been physically returned, go to Registers > Access Key > Click 3 Dots > click Sign in key

Then Click Ok

The Access Key is now ready to be assigned.

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