Site > Site settings is the location where all the Tag list items are stored. Below is an explanation of each list and examples of what is usually populated in those lists.

Some of this lists might have similar tags. For instance a Contractor might have 'Electrical' Classification tag and a Large Chandelier on Ground Floor might have Primary Asset Category as 'Electrical'

The use of tags has 2 benefits:

  1. To enable searching, filtering to be easier to manage

  2. To enable better Reporting

Site Locations

Defines the locations of the site i.e. 'Level 1', 'Floor 3' 'Cinema', 'Gym' 'Pool'

Asset Primary Categories

Defines the primary categories of the Asset i.e. 'IT System', 'Plumbing', 'Electrical', 'Lifts & Elevators'

Contractor Classifications

Defines the tags of the Contractor i.e. 'Air-conditioning', 'Carpet', 'Cleaner', 'Electrical'

(Quote / Work Order / Defect) Statuses

Defines the current status of the quote/work-order/defect i.e. 'In Progress' or 'To Be Reviewed', 'Completed'

(Quote / Work Order / Defect) Types

Defines the type of the quote/work-order/defect i.e. 'Maintenance' or 'Insurance', 'Defects', 'Waste', 'Repair', 'Extension'

Access Key Tags

Defines the tags of the Access Key in Register i.e. 'Office' or 'Car Park', 'General', 'All Access'

Tasks Tags

Asset Classifications

Defines Classification tags of the Asset i.e. 'Current' 'Short-Term' 'Fixed', 'Long-Term', 'Tangible', 'Intangible', 'Operating', 'Non-operating'

Access Key Types

Defines the type of the Key Register i.e. 'Car Park Remote', 'Swipe Card', 'Physical Key'

Sub Location Tags

Sub locations are used to give more precise location details i.e. 'Bathroom', 'Master Bedroom', 'Bedroom', 'Kitchen'

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