New features

  • Disable certain lots from being imported
    After a site was imported via StrataMax or PIQ (and the scheduler was enabled) there was no way to stop certain users from being imported. Now you can now disable selected users from automatically being imported via the scheduler. This is useful if a developer still owns lots, or a user has opted out of the system and doesn't wish to receive any communication.

  • Bulk updating site contacts
    Building on our suite of bulk site updating tools, you can now create site contact profiles and apply them to a selection of sites.


  • Importing CTS Number for QLD sites
    Now when a site from Queensland is imported from either StrataMax or PropertyIQ, we reference the CTS Number instead of the Scheme Number. We've also changed all references of "Scheme Number" to "Scheme/CTS #".

  • Improved error messages on password links
    When a user clicks on an expired invite or password reset link, it now tells them the link has expired and to reset their password again. We've also included a new message in these emails so users know the link will expire after 7 days.

  • Import admin details when adding a site contact
    You can now select an admin's details when creating a new site contact so their details are pre-filled. This is only available at a site level, but will soon be introduced in the related company features.

  • Search by site address and scheme number
    When you go to change sites using the dropdown selector in the admin console, you can now search by Scheme Number. Previously, this was just referencing the site name.

Bug fixes

  • Feature toggle for first menu item
    Previously, if the first item in a menu was disabled (e.g. manage bookings) the rest of the items under that section couldn't be accessed (e.g. all the items under concierge). We've not fixed this so it navigates the next available item in that menu.

  • Improved user details updating
    Previously there were a few cases when changing user details in one location (e.g. account management) didn't update in other areas of the platform. We've improved the way this process works to ensure updates flow across the entire platform.

  • Notices not opening on resident app
    There was a bug where notices weren't able to be opened if the name contained certain characters such as ( : ) or ( - ). The system now checks to ensure these characters are not in the name before submitting a document.

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