New features

  • Search by Address and Scheme Number
    When selecting a site after login, changing sites with the dropdown, or finding a site in account management, you can now search using the site's address or scheme number.

  • Update duplicate contractors on import
    We found that customers who were importing their contractors from an external source were not able to update existing contracts if their details changed (other than deleting and reuploading). Now, if a contractor already exists in the system when you import them, we will simply update their details rather than duplicate the record.
    Note: we're using the ABN field as a "source of truth" when checking if a contractor already exists. You will also still need to re-assign them to a site for the new details to be updated at a site level, however we are working on a way for this to happen automatically in the next release.


  • Importing admins
    Previously when importing admins from the Admin Console into FMLink, the dropdown contained the list of admins who had already been imported. We've updated this to only show admins who haven't been imported.

  • Disabled the Custom ID field
    After feedback from customers, we've decided to disable the Custom ID field for maintenance, work orders, and quote requests. You can now ensure the system contains valid data, tracking & reporting.

  • Status and Type tags are now optional
    When creating a new work order or quote request, the Status and Type fields were required. You can now make just these fields not required under Account Management > Form Settings I Work Orders/Quote Requests.

Bug fixes

  • Scheme number not showing
    Previously the scheme number was not displaying when importing a site from the Admin Console. We've fixed this so the Scheme number is now displayed correctly in account management.

  • Importing resident details during request conversion
    Previously, the resident's contact details weren't being automatically imported when converting a request into a work order. Now, the primary site contact details submitted by the resident are automatically set as the primary site contact details for the work order.

  • Fixed field mapping for request conversation
    Some of the fields from a resident request weren't being placed in the correct work order fields. We've now fixed this so they are placed in the correct fields.

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