Adding Contractors to your FMLink account allows you to easily progress maintenance items and defects into work-orders from a central platform.

Option 1: Manually Add Contractors

Option 2: Bulk Import Contractor Register

Option 1: Manually Add Contractors

1. Users > Contractors

2. Select '+ Add Contractor'

3. Complete the Contractor Details Form

Ensure you include: 1. Details > 2. Contacts > 3. Contracts > Save Changes

Be sure to 'Add tags to contractor' - e.g. Commercial Cleaning, Electrical, Plumbing etc. This allows you to easily identify contractor capabilities/services in the future when referring to your register.

Now your Contractors are added, you can easily add their details directly into new work orders and distribute via email.

For more detail on how to raise work orders, please refer to 'Work Orders'

Option 2: Bulk Import Contractor Register

Utilise your existing contarctor register by bulk import.

Most contractor register can be exported as CSV file from your existing software.

Once exported, download the example CSV (as below), format your register within the example, save and 'Select File > Upload'

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