Doc Max

  1. Create ‘ResVu’ Tag (Category) in Doc Max – System administrators have access to create new categories.

  2. Tag relevant documents (e.g. meeting minutes) with ‘ResVu’ category.


  1. Enter ‘ResVu’ in ‘Document Search Term’ field from Company Dashboard > Integrations > Strata Max > Document Search Term.
    Only one category (e.g. ‘ResVu’) can be entered in this field.

  2. ResVu will import documents every 24 hours from Doc Max that are tagged with the ‘ResVu’ category therefore initial import is not instant.


  • Resident App: Imported documents will be visible within ‘Documents > Site Files’.

  • Admin Console: Imported documents will be visible within ‘File Browser’.

  • Imported documents will not be stored in folders unless manually created with ResVu ‘Admin Console > File Browser > + New Folder’.

  • Documents will not have permissions set unless applied through ResVu ‘Admin Console > File Browser > Set Permissions’.

Future updates planned

  • Additional filters in ResVu Company Dashboard allowing rules to be applied to document/category import.

  • Option to import multiple ‘categories’.

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