Events are a great way to connect with residents in your site and build a strong community. Through event management you can schedule events for residents to see on the app and portal.

To create an event go to Events > Resident Hub > Event Management > Click + Add Event

Then Fill in the details of the Event. The Mandatory Fields are:

Name, Description, Email Contact, Start Date, End Date, Start Time, End Time

Next determine if you want Residents to RSVP for the event. If so turn it on and set Max RSVP limit.

Upload any images and attachments you have for the Event.

Set the Target Audience for the event. Exclude Admins if they don't need to see if because they are setting up the Event.

Setup a Notification for the Event which will communicate with the residents once the Event gets saved.

You can also book a facility for the event if needed.

Then click Save Event.

To send a notification after the Event has been Setup go to Resident Hub > Event Managment > Click the 3 Dots for the specific Event > Click Send Notification

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