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  • Learn about creating a new site admin here

Site Admins

There are two types of site-level admins; normal and super admin.



Super Admin

Add another admin

Delete another admin

Delete a super admin

Note: Super admins are different from company admins and don't automatically get access to the company dashboard.

Other important notes

Company Admin Status

  • Access to everything within Company Dashboard and ALL Site Admin Console.

  • Can’t be blocked/overridden in site permission settings by an admin.

Site Admin

  • Users must be enabled as ‘Admins’ within their user profile from a site view OR be assigned admin access from the Company Dashboard by a Company Admin.

  • If an Admin hasn't been assigned to a group with restricted permissions they will see ALL features.

Committee Hub

  • Committee members can be assigned Admin access, but won't be by default.

  • If no group or permissions are set for Committee Reps with ‘Admin’ access they will have access to ALL admin features.

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