Before we build our inspection templates and start inspecting with the FMLink Inspector application, we must first build out our location templates. These will form the foundations for our inspection templates in the next step.

To create a location template, follow the steps below:

1. Login to the FMLink Online Portal

It's easier to create your inspection template on the web portal:


2. Go to Inspector > Inspection Editor

This is the area to create and edit your inspection templates


3. Click on View / Add Locations


4. Create a Location

You can now create new locations, each with their own checklist. Input the name of the location and click the + button


5(A). Manually add checklist items

Click the + button next to the location you just made, then input the checklist items.

5(B). Copy an existing location checklist items

Click the


next to the location whose checklists do you wish to copy. Then in the checkboxes simply select the location that you created in step four. This is useful for when you have multiple locations with the same checklist, for example, a fire exit on every level.

Building Inspection Templates

Be sure to check out this article for how to build out your inspection templates.

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