Communication is the most used feature for most sites and allows you to reach residents through different messages such as alerts and notices.

What Can I Find Here?

There are a few different sections under this tab. Let's dive into it!


This is the section where you generate all your communication material you're going to send to residents. This section includes different avenues of communication:

Follow the links above to learn more about creating each of these.


Here you can create surveys for each resident.


If in the publish section you created a notice or alert and chose to schedule it later, this is where you'll find it.

Here, you'll find a simple summary of any emails, SMS or push notifications that are scheduled to be sent at a later date. Further, you can also use this a reference to previously sent content.


When you're consistently making notices and alerts for your building, it will be beneficial to create templates. These are files that serve as a starting point for your notices.

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