Alerts are a form of communication that is primarily used for urgent site updates that need to be communicated to residents quickly and in an easy to understand format.

Getting started with alerts

Follow these steps when creating an alert or update:

1. Go to the Alerts section
Head to Communicate > Publish > Alerts / Updates

2. Click Create Alert
This button can be found in the top right of the screen

3. Enter Details
Enter the alert and a description of the situation. If you want to inform residents of when the situation is expected to resolve, include it in the resolution details.

Below is an example alert:

Building alert system ResVu

4. Choose your audience
Here you can decide who gets sent the alert by either user types or user groups. For example, if the alert only affects a certain level or area of the building, you can choose to only send it to those residents.

user groups alert

5. Select the notification type
Here you select how your alert is delivered to residents:

  • Digital Notice Boards display the alert in either the middle of the screen (standard alert priority) or take up the whole screen (fullscreen priority)

  • SMS sends a text message to all the selected user's phones. As long as the user has a phone number associated with them, they'll receive the alert.

  • Push Notifications are an SMS type alert that doesn't have a cost. However, it will only be sent to users who've installed the CommunitiLink App.

6. Select the expiry date
The alert will be active up this date, or until you remove it otherwise.

7. Submit
Once you are happy with the alert, pressing the submit button will send out the alert to your selected users.


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