The dashboard is a central location to assess key information about your account and users as well as undertake certain tasks. This is broken down into three columns:


  • Calendar

  • This is your calendar where you can view facility bookings, uncollected parcels and other items that require reminders and visibility.

  • Quick Actions

  • Where you can quickly create an alert, set a reminder, manage bookings and more directly from the dashboard screen. This will no longer be hidden.

  • Statistics

  • See uncollected parcels, any active reminders, maintenance reports, breakdown of your site user types (eg. tenants, owners, r/e agents) and see your building’s storage quota.

  • Activity Log

  • See a full history of recent activity within your account. Whether this be checking who logged in last or when the next notice is scheduled to be distributed, you can view it all here.


A complete overview of your site's activity displayed on one calendar.


If you manage multiple sites, you can see a quick overview of all of them under this tab. Please see our section on the company dashboard to learn more about global management as a company admin.

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