A group is a specific list of users who all have something in similar. Groups can be used to easily communicate with certain people and organise your users.

Creating a group

To create a group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Users > Group Management

  2. Click Add Group

  3. Fill out the details. An example could be east wing & north wing.

Adding Users to a group

Follow these steps to add users to your new group:

  1. Go to Users > User Management

  2. Select Users who you want to add to your group. This can be done by using the check-box on the left of the table.

  3. Click Add to Group from the dropdown

Removing users from a group

Follow these steps to individually remove users from a group:

  1. Go to Users > Group Management

  2. Click View Members
    This will be next to the group who you want to remove the user from

  3. Next to the user, click the three dots and select Remove from Group

  4. Click Ok


Sending a message to a group

If you quickly want to send an alert to a group of users, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Users > Group Management

  2. Click the three dots on the group you want to send a message to

  3. Choose your message type
    This can include an SMS or email.

  4. Fill out the content
    Input your message and choose whether to schedule it or not.

  5. Click the Preview Button
    This will show you what you're message will look like to the recipients, and any cost associated (SMS only)

  6. Click Send
    This will instantly send out your message or schedule it for later, only if you chose that option.


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