Surveys are a great tool to gather feedback from residents or certain user groups.

Some uses of surveys include:

  • Management Committee Voting

  • Resident Feedback

  • Resident Group Feedback (e.g. tennis club)

All surveys are sent to the user's mobile app or building portal.

In this article we'll explore:

Getting started with surveys

1. Go to surveys
Users > Engage > Ballots / Surveys

2. Click Create Ballot/Survey
This button can be found in the top right above the table

3. Input the required information
First set your question, then add all the possible options to that question. To add more options, click the Add Option button on the right.

4. Choose your audience
These will be the people who receive your survey. For example, if you want to get the committee's vote on a topic, you would select the committee group.

Read our article about creating groups for more information.

5.Choose you additional options

  • Send push notification will alert all mobile app users (from the audience you selected in step 4) about the survey

  • Send SMS will send an SMS message to the users (from the audience you selected in step 4) about the survey

  • Allow Comments will give users the option to provide their opinion if they wish. This will not be seen by other users

  • Allow Anonymous Responses will hide the identity of each response

  • Ballot Expiry is the date when no more responses to the survey/ballot can be collected

  • Upload File gives you the option to attach a file with any supporting information to be view by the users

6. Click Submit
Once you're happy with the survey, clicking submit will send the survey and any chosen notifications to the users you selected.

Viewing Results

You can view the results and responses of a survey while it's running and once it closes. To do this:

  1. Click the three dots next to the survey

  2. Click View Report
    A report with all the responses and a visual summary will be generated for your convenience. To download or share the report, simply click Download PDF in the top right corner.

Editing a live survey

Should you wish to make any changes to your survey after sending it out, you can click the blue view/edit icon to the right of the desired survey. This icon looks like a pencil.

Any changes you make will update all future results. Your users will not be sent another notification when you press submit.

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