Your sites connection information is an area where management can educate residents and other users on how to connect to various utilities and other connections within the building.

It's best to include as much information as possible in this section as it will take more pressure off management via phone calls etc.

This article will cover:

Getting started

  1. Head to Site Information > Connection Information

  2. Click Add Connection
    This can be found in the top right corner

  3. Enter the information
    This should include the type(name), contact, important notes/tips, and any other relevant files

  4. Click Submit
    This will then make the information available to all residents through their mobile app or building portal

You can edit or remove a card at any time by clicking the three dots and revealing more information.

Rearranging the order of cards

You can change the order the cards are viewed by selecting Set Order and dragging the cards into the desired order.


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