Delivery management is a place where all received and uncollected parcels can be managed by the site concierge. This article will take you through the process of accepting a parcel and delivering it to a resident.

Accepting a delivery

This is the process to take when a new parcel arrives. In the end, the user will be notified.

  1. Go to Concierge > Delivery Management

  2. Select New Delivery
    This can be found at the top right of the page.

  3. Input delivery information
    This is where you can include the tracking number, and input a description of the package for the user to see. E.g. large red box, small green package.

  4. Fill out the user information
    You can search for a user using their name, email or unit/apartment number. Once a user is selected, their information will automatically fill out.

    If the resident is not apart of the system, then you can input their information manually.

  5. Choose whether the package requires a signature
    If this option is selected, the resident will physically need to sign out the package.

  6. Click Submit
    The user will then be notified that there's a package awaiting collection.

Collecting a delivery

  1. Search for the package
    You can search by the user's name, apartment number or even the consignment/tracking number.

  2. Click the Mark Collected button next to the package

  3. Get the user to sign out the package
    This is only required if the option was selected initially. Otherwise, this step won't occur. The user can sign using a mouse or tablet

Viewing collected package

To view a collected package, simply select the Show Uncollected button in the top right corner.


A table will then show all the collected packages. You can sort and search items as usual to find the desired package.


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