All of your sites amenities, facilities and venues can be found under the Amenities tab of your application.

To make a booking

  1. Select the venue you'd like to book

  2. Select a date on the calendar

  3. Select your start time

  4. Select your end time

  5. Click Next to validate your booking

  6. On the next page, you can check any T&C and submit your booking

Tip: you can click through the times in step 3 & 4 to see all available options

Help - the times aren't scrolling

To view all available time options, please use the arrows on the left and right.

Why is my booking not valid?

This is because it's conflicting with an existing booking made by other resident or site management. Please pick another start time and try again.

Why are some times greyed out or not available?

This is because of the:

  • venues opening and closing times

  • time limits placed on bookings

For example, if the maximum time you can book a venue is two hours, then a start time of 8:00 am will only allow you to book up until 10:00 am.

Please read the venues information using the "i" button.

How can I view my bookings?

Under the amenities tab, click View all booking at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can see all booking and other information associated with your account under the Profile tab at the bottom of the page.

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