Your digital noticeboard(s) can be viewed from within the settings page. This page allows you to see a preview of your digital noticeboard, showing you what's being displayed currently.

Accessing noticeboard preview

  1. Go to Concierge > Noticeboards

  2. Click Refresh Screenshot

  3. Please note it can take up to 20 seconds for the noticeboard to update when a new alert/notice is created through the admin portal.

  4. Click the screenshot image to view fullscreen

Changing the noticeboard orientation

Currently, you can change the orientation of the noticeboard. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Touch and hold the icon found in the bottom left corner of the noticeboard.

  2. Click the text field and input the password

  3. The password would've been provided during installation. If you have forgotten your password, please contact us.

  4. Select your desired rotation

  5. You can transition from

  6. - Portrait to landscape

  7. - Landspace to portrait with one notice, two notices, no gallery

  8. Select save and then return to the notice page

Your orientation will now be saved for future reference, even if the power goes out.

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