CommitteeHub is a powerful discussion portal for committee members to talk about items outside of emails. You can give existing users access to CommitteeHub if they are a part of the sites committee.

Note: Users do not have to be admins to access CommitteeHub.

Assigning committee representatives

  1. Ensure the committee member has registered for the site and can access the resident application. You can easily invite users through a sign-up link or by asking them to download the resident application and enter the site code.

  2. In the Admin Portal navigate to Users and search for the committee member

  3. Click View/Edit next to their name

  4. Enable editing in the top right corner

  5. Change Committee Representative to Yes

  6. If you have any committee groups, be sure to add them when prompted. (note: adding a user to a committee group will not make them a committee representative automatically)

  7. Save your changes

What Happens Now?

The assigned committee representatives will now see a new tile in the resident application call CommitteeHub.


Here, the committee members will be able to:

  • Create, vote and reply on discussion topics

  • Approve or deny invoices

  • View and update resident requests

Please read our article on CommitteeHub Features to learn more.


Tips for smooth operations

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