You can distribute invite codes for admins to sign-up, rather than adding their details manually. Also available is the ability to track who signs up using this code, create multiple codes, and delete codes.

Creating a New Invite Code

  1. Navigate to Users > User Management > Invites

  2. Click Add Invite Link

  3. Select the Expiry Date

  4. Copy or Share the link with people you wish to become admins of the site

Signing Up

Once someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to a registration page that looks similar to the below. It will contain your sites name.


Once signed up, they will become an admin of the site and can log in using the credentials just set. They'll also be sent an email with the link to the admin console.

  • You can view the users who signed up through a link via the User Id's column.

  • A link will become inactive (no longer work) after the expiry date

  • You can manually deactivate a link by clicking the Three Dots > Deactivate Link


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