The community wall feature allows residents & admins of a site to post topics, news, photos and have general discussions between each other. Residents can post topics and reply to other posts from within the application, while admins have the ability to moderate the discussion.

Setting up Community Wall

Enable or Disable

The community wall is automatically enabled on your site by default. To disable or enable the community wall:

  1. In the site admin console, navigate to Settings > Feature Toggles

  2. Select Edit Settings

  3. Toggle off/on Community Wall

  4. Save your changes

Admin Access

Navigate to Resident Hub > Community Wall > Manage Walls

Resident Access

In the resident mobile application or building portal, navigate to Resident Hub > Community Wall

Posting and replying to discussions

  • To post to a single site, select the Site tab at the top of the page.

  • To post to a collection of sites, select the Community tab (note: this is only available if you're an admin of multiple sites)

Creating a new post will open a new discussion topic for people to view. If you wish to reply to an existing post, click the reply button.

You can reveal all the comments on a post by clicking the Comments button.

Moderating posts

You can remove a post or comment by clicking the Hide button. This will then show Post Removed so you know which posts are still visible.

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