As a company admin, you can create new sites through the following steps:

  1. Click on Account Sites in the left-hand side menu

  2. Click on the “Add Site” button
    This is found at the top right corner

  3. Add in the Required Detials

    Building Name
    - The name of your site/development

    Building Registration Code - This is the code your residents will use when registering for your building. We recommend keeping this short and relevant to your building.

    Scheme - This number is also known as the oc or body corporate number

    Number of Apartments - The total number of lots/units/houses in your site

    Once done, click Submit

  4. Add yourself as an admin to the site
    Go back to the account sites tab (see step 3) and search for the name of the site you just created.

    Then click the three dots to the right of that site. In the dropdown, click Add Myself as Admin

  5. Click Back to the home page

  6. Login into the site
    If you can't see the site, try searching for its name in the search bar. The Address will not yet be present.

  7. Navigate to “Settings” > “General”
    Update the building image & Address

  8. Navigate to Settings > Feature Toggle
    Turn on and off the features you require for this site.

  9. Navigate to Settings > Notifications
    Add in the required email address as needed for the site. We recommend adding your own email at this stage.

To add existing users as admins to this site, follow the steps in this article

For more information on setting up your site (steps 9-11), please refer to our set-up video series or follow the tutorials found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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