The following article contains information surrounding the payments facility for your ResVu Account. We will be discussing:

Set-up Process

  1. Complete the following form:

    By filling out the following form, you will be creating a stripe account. If you already have a stripe account, then use the same details of that account in this form.

  2. Supply ResVu with your Authorisation Code
    Once the form is complete and valid you will be redirected to the website with an authorisation code. Please contact your dedicated account manager with this code to finalise the action between our two accounts.

Adding Payment Requests to Your ResVu Platform

Customer payment requests are added on an individual site level. Follow these steps to create a custom request:

Reconciliation Process on Stripe

All Stripe charges will be held in both your Stripe Portal and your Account Management View linked by a Charge ID.

To reconcile accounts, follow the steps below and use the admin portal to locate a charge based on date, user or amount and then use the charge ID to locate the charge within your Stripe portal.

Account Management View

You can view a history of all payment on your account by going to Settings (if you're currently within a site) > Account Settings > Account Payments.


You can then search and view all payments within your account.

If, for example, you want to refund a residents payment, search for the resident on the table and ensure you have the correct payment. Then, take note of the Charge ID and proceed to the next step below.


Stripe Portal View

In your Stripe portal, search for the Charge ID and click on that payment.

A Refund can be processed when viewing a specific charge in the Stripe Portal by clicking the Refund button.


How your money is received

Your money will be held in the Stripe Portal and paid out based on your specified payout schedule.

The money will be deposited into your nominated bank account.

If you would like to change the schedule for payouts you can do this by going to:

Settings > Bank accounts and scheduling

Resident / Customer View

Residents/Customers can make Bond or Purchase Payments through the App via Requests and Bookings – options within these sections can include:

  • Facility/Venue Bookings (Inc. Bond Payments)

  • Custom Service Requests

  • Access Controls

  • And more.

Payment Process

These are the steps your customers will go through the make a payment:

  1. Via the app home screen select ‘Requests’ or ‘Bookings’

  2. Make a Request or Booking

  3. User will be prompted to enter Credit Card details if payment is required

  4. Select ‘Submit’

  5. Payment Approved – Pop up appears

  6. Payment Declined – Pop up appears


Frequently asked questions

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

For Stripe users in Australia, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included on Stripe’s payment and dispute fees at the current rate of 10%.

If a Scheme is GST Registered

You can manually select to include or exclude GST when adding a payment amount to certain features or via general settings within the ResVu platform.

ResVu Pty Ltd Fees

ResVu collects an application fee on the payments made by the customer before the remaining amount is transferred to the account holders Stripe account.

Payments made to you

All payments made by customers on the ResVu Pty Ltd mobile application will be deposited into your Stripe account. You can set parameters within your stripe account for these monies to be automatically deposited into your bank at regular intervals.

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